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What’s the Best Advice You’ve Received About Fatherhood?

  Parenthood does not come with a definitive instruction manual. While there are scores of books, influencers and classes offering guidance on how to raise children, the experts all have their own, sometimes wildly different, methods. Family members or strangers on the internet who may or may not have been asked for their advice are […]

Alzheimer’s Takes a Financial Toll Long Before Diagnosis, Study Finds

[ad_1] Long before people develop dementia, they often begin falling behind on mortgage payments, credit card bills and other financial obligations, new research shows. A team of economists and medical experts at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Georgetown University combined Medicare records with data from Equifax, the credit bureau, to study how […]

FDA Reviews MDMA Therapy for PTSD, Citing Health Risks and Study Flaws

[ad_1] The Food and Drug Administration on Friday raised concerns about the health effects of MDMA as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, citing flaws in a company’s studies that could pose major obstacles to approval of a treatment anticipated to help people struggling with the condition. The agency said that bias had seeped into […]

PTSD Has Surged Among College Students

[ad_1] Post-traumatic stress disorder diagnoses among college students more than doubled between 2017 and 2022, climbing most sharply as the coronavirus pandemic shut down campuses and upended young adults’ lives, according to new research published on Thursday. The prevalence of PTSD rose to 7.5 percent from 3.4 percent during that period, according to the findings. […]

Bird Flu Has Infected a Third U.S. Farmworker

[ad_1] A third farmworker in the United States has been found to be infected with bird flu, heightening concerns about an outbreak among dairy cattle first identified in March. The worker is the first in this outbreak to have respiratory symptoms, including a cough, sore throat and watery eyes, which generally increase the likelihood of […]

Senators See Possible Conflicts of Interest in Health Care Pricing Tools

[ad_1] The chairmen of two Senate committees overseeing health policy, concerned about companies “padding their own profits” at the expense of patients, are looking into the practices of a data analytics firm that works with big insurers to cut payments to medical providers. The firm, MultiPlan, recommends what it says are fair payments for medical […]

Health Officials Tried to Evade Public Records Laws, Lawmakers Say

[ad_1] House Republicans on Tuesday accused officials at the National Institutes of Health of orchestrating “a conspiracy at the highest levels” of the agency to hide public records related to the origins of the Covid pandemic. And the lawmakers promised to expand an investigation that has turned up emails in which senior health officials talked […]

Sue Johnson, Psychologist Who Took a Scientific View of Love, Dies at 76

[ad_1] Sue Johnson, a British-born Canadian clinical psychologist and best-selling author who developed a novel method of couples therapy based on emotional attachment, challenging what had been the dominant behavioral approach — the idea that behaviors are learned and thus can be changed — died on April 23 in Victoria, British Columbia. She was 76. […]