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Indigenous representation in health care improving – but ‘enormous gaps’ remain – National

[ad_1]  Ever since she was a little girl, Kelsey Allen dreamed of being a doctor.But [...]

Student violence on teachers is a growing concern. What can be done? – National

[ad_1] Even as Canada’s teacher shortage continues to impact schools across the country, educators and [...]

The Mosquitoes Are Coming

[ad_1] Stephanie Nolen has covered efforts to fight malaria for more than 25 years. [ad_2] [...]

Edmonton student wins international science contest with cancer-treatment project

[ad_1] A 17-year-old Edmonton high school student has won top honours at an international science [...]

Poisoning, concussions: Why student violence on teachers is a growing fear – National

[ad_1] It’s only one month into the new school year, and Samantha Becotte says her [...]

Unleashing a New Weapon on the Mosquito: A Mosquito

[ad_1] In a laboratory in downtown Medellín, Colombia, it is lunchtime: A technician in [...]