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What to Know About CKM, the Link Between Heart Health, Diabetes and Kidney Disease

Heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease are among the most common chronic illnesses in the United States — and they’re all closely connected. Adults with diabetes are twice as likely to have heart disease or a stroke compared with those who don’t have diabetes. People with diabetes — Type 1 and Type 2 — are […]

A New Device Attempts to Make Getting an IUD Less Painful. Does It Work?

A growing number of women have opted to get an intrauterine device in recent years, but the pain of the insertion and removal remains a barrier for many. While some clinicians have tried pain killers or numbing agents, the pain-relief options most commonly offered are often insufficient. A new device, described in a presentation this […]

Emma Seppälä Has Thoughts on How to Avoid Kneejerk Decisions

There’s quite a good body of research now on the neuroscience of meditation, showing that it improves self-awareness, emotion regulation, self-control and many other things. Most people, if they’re honest with themselves, reach for some kind of coping habit when they are feeling stressed or down. Think food, alcohol, doomscrolling, entertainment, shopping, even overworking and […]

Scientists Calculated the Energy Needed to Carry a Baby. Shocker: It’s a Lot.

It takes a lot of energy to grow a baby — just ask anyone who has been pregnant. But scientists are only now discovering just how much. In a study published on Thursday in the journal Science, Australian researchers estimated that a human pregnancy demands almost 50,000 dietary calories over the course of nine months. […]

Study Suggests Waiting Longer Before Withdrawing Life Support

When a patient with a severe traumatic brain injury is comatose, in intensive care, unresponsive and hooked up to a ventilator, but not brain-dead, when is the time to withdraw life support? A small study on the fates of people in such situations suggests that doctors and patients’ families may make better decisions if they […]

C.D.C. Warns of a Resurgence of Mpox

With Pride events scheduled worldwide over the coming weeks, U.S. officials are bracing for a return of mpox, the infectious disease formerly called monkeypox that struck tens of thousands of gay and bisexual men worldwide in 2022. A combination of behavioral changes and vaccination quelled that outbreak, but a majority of those at risk have […]