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Learning to Listen to Patients’ Stories

The pandemic has been a time of painful social isolation for many. Few places can be as isolating as hospitals, where patients are surrounded by strangers, subject to invasive tests and attached to an assortment of beeping and gurgling machines. How can the experience of receiving medical care be made more welcoming? Some say that […]

New Findings on 2 Ways Children Become Seriously Ill From the Coronavirus

A large nationwide study has found important differences in the two major ways in which children have become seriously ill from the coronavirus, findings that may help doctors and parents better recognize the conditions and understand more about the children at risk for each one. The study, published on Wednesday in the journal JAMA, analyzed […]

Woman Dies After Getting Covid-19 From Transplanted Lungs

A woman in Michigan died 61 days after she received a pair of lungs from an organ donor who had been infected with the coronavirus, according to a case report published this month. There was no indication that the donor, a woman fatally injured in a car accident, had Covid-19. A radiograph of her chest […]

Will Tiger Woods Play Golf Again? Doctors Predict a Difficult Recovery

The serious lower leg injuries Tiger Woods sustained in a car crash on Tuesday typically lead to a long and perilous recovery, calling into question his ability to play professional golf again, according to medical experts who have treated similar injuries. Athletes with severe leg injuries thought to doom their careers have managed to come […]

Head of McKinsey Is Voted Out as Firm Faces Reckoning on Opioid Crisis

Partners at McKinsey & Company voted out the consulting firm’s top executive, Kevin Sneader, this week as it continues to face blowback over its role in fueling the opioid crisis. The decision to deny Mr. Sneader a second three-year term as global managing partner came in a vote by more than 600 senior partners, according […]

Can Zapping Our Brains Really Cure Depression?

The brain is an electrical organ. Everything that goes on in there is a result of millivolts zipping from one neuron to another in particular patterns. This raises the tantalizing possibility that, should we ever decode those patterns, we could electrically adjust them to treat neurological dysfunction — from Alzheimer’s to schizophrenia — or even […]

Exercise vs. Diet? What Children of the Amazon Can Teach Us About Weight Gain

Young Shuar differ from most Western children in so many ways, though, including their genetics, that interpreting that study’s findings was challenging, Dr. Urlacher knew. But he also was aware of a more-comparable group of children only a longish canoe ride away, among Shuar families that had moved to a nearby market town. Their children […]

Travel Quarantines: Enduring the Mundane, One Day at a Time

May Samali knew she’d reached her limit when she saw a tentacle emerging from her hotel dinner in Sydney, Australia. “I called downstairs and said, ‘I’m a vegan now, thank you!’” she said. “It was just so much fish. I’d gotten to the point where even thinking about it made me gag.” Ms. Samali swore […]