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A.I. at Your Jobs + Hank Green Talks TikTok + Deepfake High School

[ad_1] Listen to and follow ‘Hard Fork’Apple | Spotify | Amazon | YouTube We asked listeners to tell us about the wildest ways they have been using artificial intelligence at work. This week, we bring you their stories. Then, Hank Green, a legendary YouTuber, stops by to talk about how creators are reacting to the […]

Apple Reports Decline in Sales and Profit Amid iPhone Struggles in China

[ad_1] Difficulties have been piling up for Apple. In recent months, it has been sued by the Justice Department, fined by European regulators and challenged by the resurgence of a Chinese smartphone competitor. On Thursday, the company added to its list of problems, reporting that its business was in a slump. Apple said sales fell […]

Google’s dominance makes competition ‘unlikely,’ U.S. antitrust trial judge says – National

[ad_1] The judge overseeing a pivotal U.S. antitrust trial focused on whether Google is stifling competition and innovation repeatedly indicated Thursday that he believes it would be difficult for a formidable rival search engine to emerge. U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta went back and forth with Google’s lead litigator, John Schmidtlein, during the first day […]

Satellite built by N.B. students not responding a week after entering Earth’s orbit

[ad_1] Hundreds of post-secondary students in New Brunswick are patiently waiting for a call from Satellite Violet. The student-built project took more than five years to develop at campuses across the province and is not communicating as expected. The satellite was delivered by a rocket to the International Space Station in early March and sent […]

Do Canadians have an appetite for electric vehicles? Experts are divided

[ad_1] By 2028, a Honda manufacturing plant in Alliston, Ont., should be ready to pump out 240,000 electric vehicles (EVs) every single year. This news was at the centre of a joint announcement from the Trudeau and Ford governments Thursday, marking the third investment in electric vehicle manufacturing in Ontario since 2023. The announcement comes […]

‘Sciatica was gone’: hospital performs robot-assisted spinal surgery in Canadian first

[ad_1] Dave Myen didn’t think much about being the first patient in Canada to receive a robot-assisted direct lateral spine surgery two months ago. He was just looking for anything to relieve the pain. Now he says he feels thankful the robot enabled minimally invasive surgery and reduced recovery time. “When I woke up from […]

TikTok vows to sue over potential U.S. ban. What’s the legal outlook? – National

[ad_1] Legislation forcing TikTok’s parent company to sell the video-sharing platform or face a ban in the U.S. received President Joe Biden’s official signoff Wednesday. But the newly minted law could be in for an uphill battle in court. Critics of the sell-or-be-banned ultimatum argue it violates TikTok users’ First Amendment rights. The app’s China-based […]

Singh mulls TikTok return as U.S. nears potential ban over security fears – National

[ad_1] NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says he is considering personally reactivating his TikTok account as the U.S. government moves in the opposite direction with the looming possibility of a ban on the popular social media platform over security concerns. “We’re making that consideration on how to get back on in a safe way,” said Singh […]

More financial institutes are offering crypto-services, survey shows – National

[ad_1] Investing in cryptocurrencies is picking up steam, according to a new survey, even in the face of potential volatility and massive fraud that has been uncovered. According to the survey by KPMG, which was released Wednesday, 22 per cent more financial services organizations offered “cryptoasset products” and services to clients in 2023 than in […]

Possible U.S. ban on TikTok nears after Senate passes legislation – National

[ad_1] The Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would force TikTok’s China-based parent company to sell the social media platform under the threat of a ban, a contentious move by U.S. lawmakers that’s expected to face legal challenges and disrupt the lives of content creators who rely on the short-form video app for income. The TikTok […]