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Jackson Hinkle Rides Rage Over Israel to Prominence

[ad_1] Jackson Hinkle has cultivated an online persona so incendiary that he has been kicked off YouTube, Twitch and Instagram. He rages on undaunted, even energized. He produces a regular podcast on Rumble, a website popular with many prominent conservatives. He writes dozens of posts a day on X, where his following has surged to […]

Despite the Watch World’s Secrecy, Data Services Expand

[ad_1] Unlike the consumer goods, beverage or retail sectors, the note continued, there are no large consultancies publishing market share data on the Swiss watch sector. “This is due to the impracticality of conducting such surveys and the discreet nature of the Swiss watch industry,” it said. Perhaps no brand is more discreet, nor influential, […]

U.S. cyber agency says its emails with Microsoft stolen by Russian hackers – National

[ad_1] By Raphael Satter Reuters Posted April 11, 2024 5:12 pm 1 min read Descrease article font size Increase article font size The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said Russian government-backed hackers have used their access to Microsoft’s email system to steal correspondence between officials and the tech giant, an emergency directive by the […]

Apple Lifts Some Restrictions on iPhone Repairs

[ad_1] Apple said Thursday that it would relax limits on repairing newer iPhones with used parts like screens, batteries and cameras, a reversal from its previous practice of using software to encourage people to work with new and more expensive Apple-approved parts. The change comes weeks after Oregon passed a law outlawing Apple’s practice of […]

Ottawa has used AI in nearly 300 projects and initiatives: research – National

[ad_1] Canada’s federal government has used artificial intelligence in nearly 300 projects and initiatives, new research has found — including to help predict the outcome of tax cases, sort temporary visa applications and promote diversity in hiring. Joanna Redden, an associate professor at Western University, pieced together the database using news reports, documents tabled in […]

Computer Theorist Wins $1 Million Turing Award

[ad_1] Computers seem methodical, deliberate and utterly predictable. But they can also behave in ways that are completely random. As researchers build increasingly powerful machines, one key question is: What role will randomness play? On Wednesday, the Association for Computing Machinery, the world’s largest society of computing professionals, announced that this year’s Turing Award will […]

AI Chatbots Are Hiring Tutors to Train Their Models

[ad_1] After her second child was born, Chelsea Becker took an unpaid, yearlong leave from her full-time job as a flight attendant. After watching a video on TikTok, she found a side hustle: training artificial intelligence models for a website called Data Annotation Tech. For a few hours every day, Ms. Becker, 33, who lives […]

Got an old iPhone? Here’s how to submit a class-action settlement claim

[ad_1] Do you own or have you ever owned an iPhone 6 or 7? You might be eligible for a payout from Apple under a Canada-wide class-action settlement worth up to $14.4 million. The class-action settlement with Apple was approved by the British Columbia Supreme Court last month and is related to a lawsuit over […]