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Meta says you can’t turn off its new AI tool on Facebook, Instagram – National

Meta has now integrated AI into Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger in Canada — but its presence may not be welcomed by all, as the new feature can’t be turned off. In a statement Thursday, the company said Meta AI can be used “to get things done, learn, create and connect with the things that […]

Beijing orders Apple to pull WhatsApp, Threads from its China app store – National

Apple said it had removed Meta’s WhatsApp messaging app and its Threads social media app from the App Store in China to comply with orders from Chinese authorities. The apps were removed from the store on Friday after Chinese officials cited unspecified national security concerns. Their removal comes amid elevated tensions between the U.S. and […]

Enter at your own risk: New home security camera aims paintballs at intruders – National

Porch pirates beware. There’s a new home security camera on the horizon, promising to deter would-be intruders and package thieves with paintballs fired at “ultra-high precision.” OZ-IT, a Slovenia-based startup, is raising money for an AI-powered home surveillance system that would use facial recognition and an app-based system to fire paintballs — or even tear […]

TikTok’s Origin Story: Court Files Show Role of GOP Megadonor Jeff Yass

In 2009, long before Jeff Yass became a Republican megadonor, his firm, Susquehanna International Group, invested in a Chinese real estate start-up that boasted a sophisticated search algorithm. The company, 99Fang, promised to help buyers find their perfect homes. Behind the scenes, employees of a Chinese subsidiary of Mr. Yass’s firm were so deeply involved, […]

Truth Social Has an Edge as Rival Right-Wing Apps Falter

After former President Donald J. Trump was kicked off Twitter in 2021, conservative entrepreneurs rushed to promote social media alternatives tailored to him and his supporters. There were Parler and Gab, Twitter-like sites popular among the people who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Then came Gettr, a social media app created by one […]

Google Fires 28 Employees Who Protested an Israeli Cloud Contract

Google on Wednesday fired 28 workers after dozens of employees participated in sit-ins at the company’s New York and Sunnyvale, Calif., offices to protest the company’s cloud computing contract with the Israeli government. A day earlier, nine employees were arrested on charges of trespassing at the two offices. “Physically impeding other employees’ work and preventing […]

Tesla Seeks to Revive Musk’s $47 Billion Pay Deal With New Shareholder Vote

Facing criticism that it is overly beholden to Elon Musk, Tesla’s board of directors said on Wednesday that it would essentially give him everything he wanted, including the biggest pay package in corporate history. If setbacks in court and the car market have induced any soul searching among Tesla’s board, there was no sign of […]

Colorado Bill Aims to Protect Consumer Brain Data

Consumers have grown accustomed to the prospect that their personal data, such as email addresses, social contacts, browsing history and genetic ancestry, are being collected and often resold by the apps and the digital services they use. With the advent of consumer neurotechnologies, the data being collected is becoming ever more intimate. One headband serves […]

What a TikTok Ban Would Mean for the U.S. Defense of an Open Internet

For decades, the United States has fashioned itself the champion of an open internet, arguing that the web should be largely unregulated and that digital data should flow around the globe unhindered by borders. The government has argued against internet censorship abroad and even funded software that lets people in autocratic states get around online […]