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Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Gets a Bigger Burst of Laser Energy

The Key Number: 3.88 megajoules. The experiment in December generated a whirlwind of accolades when it produced about three megajoules of energy — equivalent to about 1.5 pounds of TNT, or about 1.5 times the energy of the incoming lasers. It was the first time that a fusion reaction in a laboratory setting produced more […]

The Secret Ingredient of ChatGPT Is Human Advice

Last November, the company behind Facebook released a chatbot called Galactica. After a torrent of complaints that the bot made up historical events and spewed other nonsense, Meta removed it from the internet. Two weeks later, the San Francisco start-up OpenAI released a chatbot called ChatGPT. It was a worldwide sensation. Both bots were powered […]

Microsoft-Activision Blizzard Deal: U.K. Agency Signals Approval

Microsoft came one step closer on Friday to completing its $69 billion purchase of the video game maker Activision Blizzard, in a deal that has become an example of how a company can successfully ride out stricter regulatory scrutiny of the power of tech giants. Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority, the last remaining agency that […]

How to Use Social Media, According to Teen Girls

Teen-to-Teen Advice You don’t have to reply right away. Reminders to do your homework. DMs in every app. Multiple group chats blowing up. All of these notifications can feel endless and overwhelming. Niki Shiva, 17, from Hayward, Calif., said she sets her phone to “do not disturb for everyone except mom” to mitigate her anxiety. […]

Netflix Prepares to Send Its Final Red Envelope

In a nondescript office park minutes from Disneyland sits a nondescript warehouse. Inside this nameless, faceless building, an era is ending. The building is a Netflix DVD distribution plant. Once a bustling ecosystem that processed 1.2 million DVDs a week, employed 50 people and generated millions of dollars in revenue, it now has just six […]

Meta to allow ‘violent speech’ against Russian soldiers, leaders in some countries – National

Meta Platforms will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion, according to internal emails seen by Reuters on Thursday, in a temporary change to its hate speech policy. The social media company is also temporarily allowing some posts […]

Canada’s spy service warns cyberspace makes nation’s secrets more vulnerable – National

By Staff The Canadian Press Posted March 11, 2022 4:36 pm Smaller font Descrease article font size –A Larger font Increase article font size A+ A senior official at Canada’s spy service says the expansion of cyberspace is making it easier for foreign adversaries to pilfer secrets. Cherie Henderson, an interim assistant director with the […]

Russia to ban Instagram over ‘calls to commit violent acts’ – National

Russian regulators said Friday that internet users will be blocked from accessing Instagram because it’s being used to call for violence against Russian soldiers, in Moscow’s latest move to tighten up access to foreign social platforms. The communications and media regulator, Roskomnadzor, said in a statement that it’s restricting national access to Instagram because the […]