Bajans in New York lend a helping hand


The Paediatric Department and the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic of the QEH are benefitting from a donation of US$5,000 by Trinity Church Wall Street, Manhattan, New York.

The cheque was recently presented to Dr Angela Jennings, Head of Paediatrics, by Earl Phillips of the Barbados Support Group, NY.

Both departments will use the money for IT support. Psychologists in Paediatrics will utilise items to assist in the evaluation of children with a variety of psychological disorders, while the OG clinic will purchase computers to improve health information management and communication workflows.

The money was channelled in these areas following requests from the respective departments from Dr. Jennings and former QEH employee, Acting Operations Manager Terri-Anne Moore-Knowles.


Barbara Inniss

The idea for a donation from Trinity to aid health care in Barbados came from parishioner Barbadian Barbara Inniss. It was coordinated by Consul General of Barbados Mackie Holder and facilitated by Dr. Oneall Parris of Barbados Diaspora Collaborative USA (BDC USA) Inc.

CG Holder said the effort by Ms. Inniss was yet another example of Barbadians looking out for their country and praised her tenacity in making sure Barbados benefitted from the charitable donations of her church.

He said that, due to church regulations, it took some time to finalise the contribution, which involved three different players, but the end result underscored what collaboration in the Barbadian community can deliver. 

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