Real Estate

Real estate refers to physical properties, land, and buildings, including residential homes, commercial spaces, industrial facilities, and undeveloped land. It is a vital and diverse sector of the economy that involves various aspects, such as property ownership, development, management, buying, selling, renting, and investment. Real estate financial services encompass a range of financial products and […]

Pension > Multi-union Pension Plans

Multi-union pension plans, also known as multiple-employer multi-union pension plans (MEPs), are a type of multiemployer pension plan that covers employees from multiple labor unions. These plans are established to provide retirement and pension benefits to workers who are members of different unions within a specific industry or geographic region. Here are some key features […]

Pension > Public Sector Pension Plans

Public sector pension plans are retirement benefit programs designed for employees of governmental entities, including federal, state, and local government agencies. These plans are a form of defined benefit pension plans, and they provide retirement income to public sector workers who serve in various capacities within the public sector. Here are some key features and […]

Pension > Local MEPPs

Local Taft-Hartley Plans are multiemployer pension plans established under the provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act. These plans provide retirement benefits to workers employed within a specific locality, which can be a city, county, or other defined geographic area. Local Plans aim to address the unique needs and employment patterns of the workforce in that local […]