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Our fragile ‘Community’ credentials

Whenever natural disasters – or other events that legitimately merit media attention – occur in the region, reporting ‘prejudices’ frequently exclude those tiny pockets of Caribbean people who occupy small geographic spaces in bona fide Caribbean territories, but which rarely for any reason – save and except some earth-shattering occurrence that simply cannot be ignored […]

Caribbean still twisting and turning on the issue of food security

As is not infrequently inclined to happen in the Caribbean, we find ourselves – sometimes on account of no more than a lack of focus – becoming distracted on issues that are of varying degrees of importance either to individual member countries or to the region, as a whole. This occurs simply because we find […]

The Teachers’ strike: The children speak

Employing phrases ranging in severity from ‘pi..ed off’ to ’frustrated’ ‘(eight children attending state-run secondary schools in Region Four last week expressed to the Stabroek Business their concern over the likelihood of them being unable to fill the tuition gap created by the recently ended protracted teachers’ strike, which will now have to be filled, […]

Business in TT back-footed by further crime surge: PM’s speech does little to quell business’ concerns

The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is facing a concerted private sector protest over what the business community says is its acute vulnerability to the present bloody urban crime wave which, apart from its manifestation in cold-blooded murders and confrontations among heavily armed gangs, has also been having a severely debilitating effect on a private […]

Melissa Ochoa – Navigating the vast world of fashion marketing

Amidst a surfeit of young, emerging, female would-be entrepreneurs  marketing fashion across Guyana, a handful appear to strive to be different, their advertising ‘pitch’ seemingly reflecting an enduring eagerness to ‘arrest’ the attention of the potential buyer. This, it seems, is the objective of Melissa Ochoa, a 27 year-old clothing vendor who has altogether persuaded […]

As Guyana’s structural buildout grows JTW Management institute announces July 25 OSH forum

With the physical transformations, not least the multi-sectorial makeover ‘explosion’ unfolding in Guyana, the need for the burnishing of the country’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) profile has become a matter of the utmost urgency. This reality is illustrated in the fact that even at the inception of what is expected to be a protracted […]

Jamaica reaffirms its anti- money laundering credentials at key Singapore FATF forum – Business Observer Report

With Caribbean countries continuing to come under scrutiny as the international community evinces an enhanced level of worry over the scourge of money-laundering, one of Jamaica’s leading daily newspapers on Wednesday July 10 reported prominently, with a generous measure of seeming exuberance, the country’s removal from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) FATF’s ‘grey list,’ […]

Beryl’s rampage and the regional food security initiative

It is a matter of considerable irony that even as a number of Caribbean/CARICOM countries remain engrossed in the process of picking up the proverbial pieces from the destructive assault visited upon them by Hurricane Beryl, and when such limited agricultural sectors as exist in some of the smaller territories in the region would have […]

Minister Walrond ‘talks up’ readiness for tourism takeoff

With Guyana now ‘soaking up’ its global popularity as a favoured destination for business and – to a lesser extent – as a holiday destination, Tourism Minister Oneidge Walrond had unsurprisingly announced late in June that visitor appetite for the country is expected to increase for the rest of 2024. Contextually, the Minister is urging […]

Seprod subsidiary primed for CPJ takeover

A.S. Bryden acquires 44.8% stake in premium food and beverage distributor Seprod’s Trinidad and Tobago-based subsidiary, A.S. Bryden and Sons Holdings Limited (ASBH), has acquired a 44.8 per cent stake in Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ), making it the largest shareholder in the premium food and beverage distributor serving hotels and resorts in Jamaica and St […]