August 04, 2023

Winston Craddock

Legendary sound system Stone Love will power an Independence Day event, ‘A Moment In Time With Friends’, on Sunday at the Gee Wee Car Park on Caledonia Avenue, Kingston.

One of the organisers of the event, Winston Craddock, said that the musical line-up was skilfully crafted.

He said, “Big people settings, the type of music Stone Love will play is some classics. It’s Independence, you have a lot of visitors from overseas. Based on where the venue is in the Corporate Area, it’s very central.” Craddock said that patrons are in for a good time on Sunday, noting that veteran selector Alonzo Hawk will also be playing.

“Stone Love is foundation. They play quality music, they don’t play slack music, and the old veteran Alonzo Hawk knows how to soothe the people, especially with the soul music. I deliberately went for Alonzo Hawk to go alongside Stone Love,” he said.

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