August 11, 2023

Slik RRhymez

Music producer Slik RRhymez is celebrating the release of his new project, a six-track EP by artiste Knass, titled Kama Sutra, which was released on July 28.

“I know this project will be a success and the audience will stream it well. This is a great body of work in which I myself am impressed, as I can hear the growth in the artistry as well as the production value. Listening to the EP surprises even me and I am the one who mixed and mastered the project,” the producer stated. Working with Knass consistently since 2016, he said the synergy for this project was seamless.

Starting out as a recording artiste in 2012, Silk RRhymez quickly fell in love with making beats and music production, which led to his venture into the producer seat. He has been producing and releasing music professionally since 2015.

“Over the years, my creative process has evolved and is still evolving as I learn and apply new tips and techniques every other day. Just being a music nerd and a sponge soaking up new information about music and music production helps my creative process. I keep it simple, as less is more,” the producer highlighted.

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