August 18, 2023

Jah Teff

Dancehall artiste Jah Teff hopes that his single Money Grow Wing will be an anthem of money motivation.

The song highlights the importance of hard work and dedication when working towards building wealth and carving out moneymaking opportunities. The single is a collaboration with fellow artiste Nymron.

“The inspiration behind this song is my belief that people don’t respect you until they see you winning; they jump on the bandwagon afterwards. When you’re down in the ghetto suffering, no one lends a helping hand. You have to figure it out on your own to escape the garrison,” said Jah Teff, given name Gary Johnson.

The song was self-produced by Jah Teff, who is also the CEO of Updeh Music Production LLC.

“The reaction to the song since it dropped has been great. Everyone loves the video and the energy behind the song … people are looking forward to my upcoming album now,” he added.

Jah Teff is a native of Montego Bay, St James. In 1987, his debut performance at the Great River Talent Show won him the Best Song award for Tooth Ache. He moved to Kingston and met Bounty Killer, leading to him recorded his first single, Exercise, which was published on the Scare Dem label.

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