August 30, 2023

Producer Smoke Shop (left) with artiste and video director Aneesa Badshaw.

Up-and-coming Canadian artiste and video director Aneesa Badshaw has been creating waves since the release of her collaboration with international recording artiste Charly Black.

The single, titled Confession, was released a few months ago. It was produced by Smokeshop Studios and Badshaw on the ‘Asian Secrets’ rhythm.

“I feel truly blessed to be on a track with Charly Black. I have been receiving love from all over the world, people reaching out to me daily with great reviews. When I see how people are responding to the track, it gives me a great feeling,” said Aneesa Badshaw.

The artiste is busy working to release her follow-up track that will be featured on Smokeshop Studios’ upcoming rhythm, with artistes such as Charly Black, Savage and Exco Levi.

Aneesa Badshaw also recently featured in dancehall artiste Demarco’s music video Rock & Come In, in which she played a video vixen role. She was also featured in Savage’s recent music video.

“Balancing my careers is fun for me. I have adjusted with each role, and when I am supposed to play my role, I do it with the love and passion I have for each career,” said Aneesa Badshaw.

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