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Thank you for expressing an interest in writing for Support Tips. We are always in need of fresh ideas and experiences, running 500 plus words, that are narrative and clear.

If you only plan to submit one article, simply submit your article or experience via our contact form and we will review and respond to your submission. If you are interested in contributing to Support Tips on a regular basis, please contact us to discuss frequency and topics as well as your qualifications. We may ask for a brief bio and a picture for your very own author page. We may also set you up with access to our site to post as you wish as an official author on the site.

 Rules of Submission

Either way, please peruse the rules below and thanks in advance as we look forward to reading your work!

  1. Must be an original article that you wrote. Duplicate content that exists elsewhere on the web will not be accepted.
  2. Must NOT be a press release, advertisement, sales letter, promotional copy, or excessive self-promotion. You may submit such promotional articles for a fee.
  3. Must be a minimum of 500 words and no more than 1500 words.
  4. Limit your article to (3) active links if possible
  5. We reserve the right to deny any article
  6. Must be informative and share your unique expertise. (Tips, opinions, commentary, techniques, etc. are encouraged)
  7. We are not interested in SEO-driven submissions that are not in line with our philosophy: If you work for a content farm or are a freelancer who writes articles for the sole purpose of linking up keywords in an effort to boost SEO, we are not interested. If your submission or bio references or promotes a business or service that is not in line with our philosophy (e.g. a weight-loss gimmick), then we are not interested.
  8. Content must be of interest the Support Tips readers.
  9. We love connecting with new contributors. While we cover an insane amount of ground, Support Tips consists of just a few people. As such, sometimes we don’t have the opportunity to respond to all submissions. We can assure you, however, that we carefully read every single submission that we receive. If your post has been accepted, we generally respond within 14 days. You’re welcome to submit again with a different post after you’ve waited 14 days.

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