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Guadeloupe is a French overseas Caribbean territory situated north of Dominica, south of the Montserrat and Antigua 

Guadeloupe is a French speaking country and is surrounded by a few smaller islands within the Caribbean sea.

Guadeloupe is known for its long beaches, sugar cane fields, and La Grande Soufrière volcano. 

Guadeloupe Vacations

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Tips for Caribbean Vacations 

  1. Verify if you need an Guadeloupe Visa before your book a flight. 
  2. Confirm your Guadeloupe flights to and from the island.
  3. Before Booking a hotel or villa, review the ratings of Guadeloupe resorts.
  4. Verify and prepare a list of things to do at the Guadeloupe resort.
  5. Pack your ticket and passport
  6. Get Travel Insurance.
  7. Check Guadeloupe’s weather forecast for outdoor activities such as tours, diving or swimming.
  8. If you intent to leave the resort hire a local  travel guide.
  9. Enjoy your Caribbean Vacation
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Map of Guadeloupe


A Caribbean Island – Country

Capital: Basse-Terre
Currency: Euro
Population: 429,085 (approx)