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Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean and is north of both Jamaica and Cayman Islands, south of Florida and the Bahamas and west of Haiti.

Cuba is famous for its Salsa music, white sandy beaches, tobacco fields and its cigars. Other Cuban attractions include its libre drink, resorts, pastel houses and cars which dates back to the 1950’s.

Cuba Vacations

If you are travelling or planning a Caribbean vacation to the Cuba, then Supporttips.com is your guide to Cuba’s cheap hotels, family resorts and flights. 

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Tips for Caribbean Vacations 

  1. Verify if you need a Cuban Visa to before your book a flight to Cuba. 
  2. Confirm your flights to and from Cuba.
  3. Before booking a Cuban hotel, check the reviews of a few resorts.
  4. Verify and prepare a list of things to do at the Cuban Resort.
  5. Pack your ticket and passport
  6. Get Travel Insurance.
  7. Check Cuba’s weather forecast for outdoor activities such as tours, diving or swimming.
  8. If you intent to leave the resort hire a local Cuban travel guide.
  9. Enjoy the Caribbean weather and your Cuba Vacations
Enter Details For Flights and Hotel Deals

Cuban Map


A Caribbean Island – Country

Capital: Havana
Population: 2.13 million (approx)
Cuba National Flag

Cuba National Flag & Anthem