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The right way to keep an electric razor like new

An electric razor is the most convenient way to take care of the unnecessary or overgrown hair on the body. However, it is essential to maintain good health of the razor as well, because the shaving outcome is dependent on the condition of the device. A well-maintained razor delivers great performance without forming a dent in the wallet for purchasing replacement parts frequently. Below are some of the vital steps to take care of an electric razor so that it can last long.

  1. Cleaning – If there is accumulation of hair in the razor, the damage is unavoidable and irreversible. So, after every shave one must clear out the dirt, hair, debris, etc. that can clog the functionality of the device. As cleaning systems and waterproof bodies are prevalent in the market, cleaning won’t be a burden and it is quintessential to take care of this aspect every time. Further, cleaning and drying prevents the development of harmful bacteria on the razor, which can create infection during the next shave.
  1. Lubricating – A lot of heat is generated during the shaving process between the cutting blades, which wears off the razor soon. By lubricating with recommended machine oil based on the requirement blades will function properly for more than the warranty period. Lubricating the gadget after cleaning and before shaving is good for the blades and the skin as well.
  1. Handling – An electric razor is composed of many sensitive parts such as thin foils and blades, which are easily damaged if mishandled. Therefore for cleaning, brush should be used and any harsh method would result in damage to the device. Use of protective cap when the razor is not in use ensures the device is intact even if there is any accidental falling.

Apart from these, replacing the parts based on the recommendations in the manual and charging the battery after complete usage ensures an electric razor to look and work like a brand new one even after years of usage.

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