The most crucial aspects of an electric shaver

The market place is flooded with electric shavers of different brands and it makes it difficult for beginners and experts alike to go for a new shaver. One major aspect everyone looks at is the closeness of the shave, but it alone cannot contribute to the greatness of a device. There are a lot of factors that make an electric shaver the best of its class and following is the list of such factors.

  1. Closeness – Almost every top brand such as Braun, Philips, Panasonic, Remington, etc. thrive to deliver the maximum closeness through their shavers. With the powerful motors and innovative designs it is easy to expect closeness from most of the shavers from big brands; however, there is a lot more to know.
  2. Convenience – Electric shavers are undoubtedly easier to use than manual blades for attaining a perfect shave. Apart from it, the battery life indicators, flexible heads, waterproof bodies, etc. ensure that an electric shaver is the best for both wet and dry shaving.
  3. Comfort – Manual blades are known to cause irritation, cuts, infections, etc. and people shift to electric shavers to avoid such problems. Therefore, any shaver with poor comfort levels can be avoided. Any shaver which goes smooth on the surface and gives the best of results should be selected.
  4. Deliverance – An electric shaver should produce a neat shave in 2-3 minutes and for such performance motor speed and design are very important. The blades are set with 30 or 45 degrees angle for better running on the surface and the ideal motor speed starts at 8000 CPM (cycles per minute). Some of the Panasonic electric shavers can deliver a speed of 14,000 CPM for effectively dealing with thick beards.
  5. Battery & replacement parts – For cordless shaving battery must run for at least 40 minutes so that the device need not be charged frequently. Anything less offered by the manufacturers indicate that the battery used is of poor quality. In addition, the replacement parts have to be affordable because some of the shavers have parts which exceed the original amount paid for the shaver.

An individual can look at the consistency and durability of an electric shaver also to understand how all the features studded in it perform or not perform in equilibrium. The synchronization of all the aspects given here is important for an electric shaver to be ideal for all uses and one should choose such shaver by reading reviews and doing research about different brands and products.

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