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The best electric shavers for ingrown hairs in today’s market

Ingrown hairs look awkward on the face and shaving triggers their appearance in men frequently. In addition, they can also cause the formation of razor bumps and folliculitis. They are formed either by curling of the hair back into the skin or sideward growth of the hair resulting in formation of stubble. Shaving is considered as the major cause for the occurrence of ingrown hairs and electric shavers are considered to be the best solution to prevent their formation. Here are some of the technologically brilliant electric shavers that impressively take care of the beard or moustache.

1.       Braun series-7 799CC-6WD CC4 ($299.99): Braun is the best brand when it comes to dealing with prevention of ingrown hairs. Previously it was Braun 790CC that ruled the market, and this latest release from Braun certainly beats it predecessor. With the presence of Optifoil technology, Active lift technology, flexible shaving system, etc. the device deals with flat hair, curled hair and all types of hair with maximum adaptability. Moreover, the presence of personalization modes ensures that the shaver suits the need of every individual.

2.       Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV95-S ($299.99): The gadget is specially designed to deal with stubble prevention as it has “Shaving sensor technology”, which can detect the density of the beard and the motor runs according to the need. With Nanotech blades, linear motor, flexible pivot head, etc. the ES-LV95-S provides a gentle shave every time.

3.       Philips Norelco S9311/84SP shaver 9200 ($249.99): The advanced contour detecting technology embedded in this wonderful electric shaver ensures there is no stubble while shaving. The rotary heads are capable of moving in eight directions so that flat hair is dealt with effectively. These features combined with the Aquatec technology, speed settings, Smart clean technology, etc. prevent the formation of ingrown hairs after shaving.

4.       Wahl 7339 Bump-Free ($69.99): Wahl with the introduction of this low-end electric shaver has ensured that they rule the market for the best bump preventive gadget at this price range. The titanium foils, wider precision blades, pop-up trimmer, etc. makes sure this “Bump-Free” electric shaver delivers what it promises.

An individual worried about ingrown hairs or having trouble with the old shavers which are not dealing with the problem effectively, can comfortably shift to any of the gadgets mentioned for a neat shave without the worries of ingrown hairs or razor bumps.

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