I love you everyday post card

  Materials: White card stock Light beige thick cardboard Patterned Colored paper Scissors, glue Red marker Directions: Just be creative. Submitted by Andey Naren

Birthday card to boyfriend

Minimalist, mainly in dark tones and really stylish. Love it and hope your boyfriend or husband will appreciate it as much as mine did!

Diy New year card

Usually I collect my card ideas all other the web, but this time I’m glad to present my own creation. Well, not exactly my own, it’s my daughter’s masterpiece. 🙂

Christmas button-balls

Christmas balls are one of the most popular elements that you can choose for your diy card. Use paper or felt, paints or sequins and even buttons!

New year card idea

A pile of Xmas presents is a good alternative to a pile of real presents, if you can’t afford one! 🙂

Kids Christmas card craft

Involve your kids in making Xmas cards and you’ll have lots of fun and a perfect family evening!