10 improper habits that’ll kill shaver foil life sooner than expected

Healthy maintenance of the shaver can bring great life expectancy to the product, whereas neglecting the gadget will result in either damage or malfunction. Therefore, it is quintessential to take care of the shaver so that the blades or foil are always in good condition. The following habits are not suggestible while using a shaver…

Difference between clipper and trimmer & Tips to buy a trimmer

The variation between a trimmer and a clipper is not known to a lot of people around the world and it is not their fault for the false apprehension because both the devices are categorized under hair removal equipment. However, there are some differences in functionality and usage between the two which are mentioned here….

Is it necessary to stretch the face while shaving?

Sometimes to obtain the best shaving experience people do a lot of weird stuff and it works. Amongst such different habits, the one that is frequent is stretching the face while using a regular blade. Even in the case of an electric shaver some people tend to replicate this habit for a better shave and…

Search for the best electric shaver for women stops here

The inevitability of using an electric shaver over the risky manual blades has increased over the years for women. Beyond doubt, the electric ones produce effective results without the risk of cutting oneself in visible parts of the body. For shaving legs or hands to get a clean and soft texture there are many electric…

Are you concerned about the noise of your electric shaver?

Electric shavers come in different shapes and sizes but the most concerning woe is the sound it produces. Although the major companies try to keep it down, there is still a problem with the motor producing a buzz near the face. The drawback is not limited to foil shavers only, but also extends to the…

Foil or rotary electric shaver – which is a better option?

There is a great difference in opinion about the selection of electric shavers. There are two specialized categories – the traditional foil design shavers and the innovative rotary shavers. People argue about the greatness of each type and there is no clear solution for understanding which shaver is better. The difference Method of removal –…

How necessary is it to buy top of the line electric shaver?

Electric shavers are available in the market with glittering features and various price ranges, which often confuse people whether to select a low priced one or a mid-range one or a high-end shaver. There are reviews and brand endorsements suggesting that the performance of the products increase with the money spent. How far is it…

Electric shaver vs. the razor: The duel

Most men spend time for taking care of their hair, be it grooming, shaving, plucking or shampooing and tending to hair is a part of daily routine. Modern men prefer to have a clean look to create an impression in the society and for that shaving daily or regularly is essential. However, there is a…

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