How to make Xmas card using buttons

Spend a great evening toghether with your kids, making these simple Xmas greetings cards. All you need is buttons, card stocks, coloured paper and a bit of imagination!

Homemade christmas card: spicy card

We are used to colourful and bright Xmas cards with Santas, snowmen and deers, decorated with snow flakes, sequins and glitter. But Xmas card doesn’t always have to be like this. Some people vote for simplicity and elegance and such Xmas card will definitely stand out among traditional cards. Want to try?

Handmade Xmas cards ideas

Presents that truly warm up our hearts are usually made by our own hands. If you are not an expeienced handcrafter, then try out one of these Xmas card ideas, which are easy-to-make and do not require any special skills.

How to make a Xmas cards

Christmas is coming! If you want to greet your loved ones with heart-warming handmade Xmas cards, then you better hurry up and start making them right away, while there’s still time to choose the right card idea and to buy all the materials needed for handcraft. And here are some ideas that you might use:

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