Search for the best electric shaver for women stops here | Support Tips

Search for the best electric shaver for women stops here

The inevitability of using an electric shaver over the risky manual blades has increased over the years for women. Beyond doubt, the electric ones produce effective results without the risk of cutting oneself in visible parts of the body. For shaving legs or hands to get a clean and soft texture there are many electric razors available in the market, but only few of them standout. Below is the list of 5 wonderful women electric shavers available in today’s market.

  1. Panasonic ES2216PC ($59.99) – The best shaver in the market for women and it comes with bikini attachment, pivot action system, cordless wet or dry operation, four independent floating heads, and a pop-up trimmer. Shaving in all areas of the body is never a problem with this great innovation from Panasonic.

  2. Philips Lady shave HP6368/00 ($119.99) – The hypoallergenic double foil shaving head includes an Aloe Vera strip to minimize the chances of irritation, whereas the pivoting floating heads ensures a close shaver in wet or dry conditions.

  3. Remington WR5100 ($89.99) – The rotary shaver designed for women is promised to deliver the same performance as that of the men’s version; however, with a touch of smoothness. Smart flex technology, triple cutting system, aesthetic design and a pop-up trimmer makes the shaver an outstanding choice for women.

  4. Braun silk epil lady shaver LS5560 ($99.99) – This shaver needs some getting used to initially, but is fantastic after getting hold of it. The product comes with exfoliation attachment, bikini trimming attachment, floating foil technology, etc. that run smooth on the contours for a good shaving experience.

  5. Wahl pure confidence 9865-100 ($19.99) – Although not as effective as the above shavers, this is the best shaver available for low budgets. It comes with a bikini attachment, reciprocating head, and blade oil ensuring the basic needs of women are fulfilled.

The choice is simple when it comes to women’s shaver as they are not too pricey when compared to men’s shavers and the selection of any of the above electric shavers (based on the need) will provide a wonderful experience and smooth skin.

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