Review of Remington F5790 pivot & flex men’s foil shaver

Remington is known for producing great shavers at affordable prices and the F5790 is no different with admirable features and great performance. This foil shaver with titanium coated blades ensures the blades stay sharp for years. It is a preferable shaver for those with low or medium shaving requirements and the shaver is not good for thick beards.


  1. Pivot & Flex technology – The three foils in the shaver act independently following the contours of the face with precision resulting in an unbelievably close shave. Moreover, the titanium coated foil makes this device the best to produce the closest of shaves in its price range.
  2. Cord/cordless shaving – For those who forget to plug-in the device when the battery runs low the corded shaving feature is a great advantage. In addition, the Remington F5790 has an outstanding battery life of 60 minutes after a full charge for cordless use.
  3. LED gauze is present to indicate the battery life. A pop-up trimmer is placed for dealing with the difficult areas where the foil heads find it difficult to reach. There is an option of 5-minute quick charge for emergencies.
  4. The device is easily adaptable to voltages from 100V-200V making it very comfortable to carry around. It is easy to clean the Remington F5790 as the foil head is removable and can be placed under running water. In addition, the product comes with a cleaning brush to take care of the accumulated hair and debris.


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  1. The design of the shaver is a little awkward and feels bulky on the hand.
  2. The body is not waterproof and F5790 is useful for dry shaving only.


As mentioned earlier, the Remington F5790 is an absolute wonder when it comes to low and medium hair length. It comes with a great price of $57.99 and has great many features for a device categorized under low-end shavers. So, this shaver can be a good choice for those who seek dry shaving along with the closest of close shaves.

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