Premarital Counseling or Pre Marriage Counseling

Nowadays people get married not concerning as much as needed about the true connectivity between themselves. Everything is happening so fast and relationship is not an exception. Besides that, it is also possible to notice that people feel constantly afraid of each other – women and men. Therefore there is a big chance to dissolution of marriage, getting over before one or two years has past.

Depeding of people’s beliefs ,many times religion holds marriage back more than anything else.. because according to marriage in the bible you have to allow yourself to feel stronger and hopeful about your relationship, since marriage is a sacred thing and based in true faith on people’s best intentions. So if you choose someone to share your life with, then do it right.

Nicholas Sparks' Book

Nicholas Sparks’ Book

Before anything else, if you are having doubts about your relationship, it is very important that both of you find someone who is able to give some advice or information about marriage. That person can be someone experienced in pre marriage counseling (like a priest); who is married already (such as parents, parents in law, friends, and so on) or still read some bible verses about marriage. Another thing that may give you some help is reading some books about the subject.

Book about The Marriage Clinic

Book about The Marriage Clinic

Couples therapy are also something very important to do. A constant counseling psychology with a good therapist is warranty for free and pleasant way to build your life together. Therapists must also be searched and selected very carefully, because they will not give advices for your lives as a couple but teaching how you can look after for yourselves.

Remember: The weeding party, guests, family gathering, the right place, band, show, musicians are funny parts of a marriage process, but being married means to become responsible, grown and mature.

In my opinion, communication is practically everything. Do not wait your husband or wife guess what you want…talk to him/her and explain about your wills. Nobody need to be a magician to guest other people’s desires, therefore swallow up your Ego and set your thoughts free. And when things go bad… Do something to make it better! Invite your partner to travel in some couple retreat. I can tell you that following those tips you are going to feel lighter day by day.

Bellow you can follow some tips for your premarital counseling:

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1 – Plan – The first advice is to program your marriage together. Write down everything you want for the ceremony and the party.

2 – Budget – The second advice is to check how much money you have saved and how much you are willing to spend.

3 – Clash Areas – Identify areas that are sources of clash, strain and difficulty between couples.

4 – Motivate – Motivate yourselves to develop some strategies and ways to handle your relationship when your marriage reaches a crisis period.

5 – Respect – Last but not least, there is “Respect”. None of your wants, no desires and accomplishments can be fulfilled if there is no respect between you and your partner. When you decided to join in a serious relationship with your partner, it was because love and identification were present. Without respect all those things vanish and to retrieve what it was before is practically impossible.

Respect your love like you respect yourself. Two people walking along the same direction is quite more pleasant, safer and funnier. And all of your achievements will be served as an example to your children when are born!

In conclusion, when the intention of marriage is genuine, it is a great way to prove that you can truly respect and hear your partner.