My pregnancy test is negative. Could it be wrong?

Question: My pregnancy test is negative. Could it be wrong?


Pregnancy tests detect human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which is only produced by pregnancy cells. Today’s tests can detect very small amounts of hCG in urine and blood. This allows women to detect pregnancy up to a week before a missed period. Physicians generally do not recommend performing a pregnancy test until after the expected period is missed.

Twenty to thirty¬†years ago, pregnancy tests were only acccurate several weeks after a missed period. In most instances they also¬†detected substances other than hCG, giving a false positive result (when the woman is not pregnant). A false positive pregnancy test is very rare with today’s tests. A false negative test (a negative pregnancy test when the woman is pregnant) is unusual and usually due to the test being performed incorrectly. Also, over-the-counter pregnancy tests are basically the same as the ones done in your doctor’s office. So for this person, if her pregnancy test was negative, she was almost certainly not pregnant.

The good news is that today’s tests are extremely accurate. If you are still unsure you can watch our video on how to take an ept pregnancy test below.

How to take an ept pregnancy test

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