Euro 2024 fixtures: Full schedule, results and kick-off times

Euro 2024 is upon us, 24 nations having qualified each with a guaranteed three matches to play in the group stage – but a handful of them dreaming of going the distance, hopeful of playing a full seven matches and triumphing in Berlin on 14 July.

Another summer of football action will see the likes of England, Spain, France and hosts Germany all go head to head across the course of a month, each hoping to be the country which displaces Italy as reigning continental champions.

Here is the full schedule for Euro 2024, plus below you can see day-by-day fixtures and times (BST) in text form, with the knockout games and reports to be included as the tournament progresses.

Friday, June 14

Group A, Munich: Germany 5-1 Scotland

June 15

Group A, Cologne: Hungary 1-3 Switzerland

Group B, Berlin: Spain 3-0 Croatia

Group B, Dortmund: Italy 2-1 Albania

June 16

Group D, Hamburg: Poland 1-2 Netherlands

Group C, Stuttgart: Slovenia 1-1 Denmark

Group C, Gelsenkirchen: Serbia 0-1 England

June 17

Group E, Munich: Romania 3-0 Ukraine

Group E, Frankfurt: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia

Group D, Dusseldorf: Austria 0-1 France

June 18

Group F, Dortmund: Turkey 3-1 Georgia

Group F, Leipzig: Portugal 2-1 Czechia

June 19

Group B, Hamburg: Croatia v Albania (1400)

Group A, Stuttgart: Germany v Hungary (1700)

Group A, Cologne: Scotland v Switzerland (2000)

June 20

Group C, Munich: Slovenia v Serbia (1400)

Group C, Frankfurt: Denmark v England (1700)

Group B, Gelsenkirchen: Spain v Italy (2000)

June 21

Group E, Dusseldorf: Slovakia v Ukraine (1400)

Group D, Berlin: Poland v Austria (1700)

Group D, Leipzig: Netherlands v France (2000)

June 22

Group F, Hamburg: Georgia v Czechia (1400)

Group F, Dortmund: Turkey v Portugal (1700)

Group E, Cologne: Belgium v Romania (2000)

June 23

Group A, Frankfurt: Switzerland v Germany (2000)

Group A, Stuttgart: Scotland v Hungary (2000)

June 24

Group B, Leipzig: Croatia v Italy (2000)

Group B, Dusseldorf: Albania v Spain (2000)

June 25

Group D, Berlin: Netherlands v Austria (1700)

Group D, Dortmund: France v Poland (1700)

Group C, Cologne: England v Slovenia (2000)

Group C, Munich: Denmark v Serbia (2000)

June 26

Group E. Frankfurt: Slovakia v Romania (1700)

Group E, Stuttgart: Ukraine v Belgium (1700)

Group F, Hamburg: Czechia v Turkey (2000)

Group F, Gelsenkirchen: Georgia v Portugal (2000)

June 29

Round of 16, Berlin: runner-up Group A v runner-up Group B (1700)

Round of 16, Dortmund: winner Group A v runner-up Group C (2000)

June 30

Round of 16, Gelsenkirchen: winner Group C v third place Group D/E/F (1700)

Round of 16, Cologne: runner-up Group B v third place Group A/D/E/F (2000)

July 1

Round of 16, Dusseldorf: runner-up Group D v runner-up Group E (1700)

Round of 16, Frankfurt: winner Group F v third place Group A/B/C (2000)

July 2

Round of 16, Munich: winner Group E v third place Group A/B/C/D (1700)

Round of 16, Leipzig: winner Group D v runner-up Group F (2000)

July 5

Quarter-final, Stuttgart: winner round-of-16 match 3 v winner round-of-16 match 1 (1700)

Quarter-final, Hamburg: winner round-of-16 match 5 v winner round-of-16 match 6 (2000)

July 6

Quarter-final, Dusseldorf: winner round-of-16 match 4 v winner round-of-16 match 2 (1700)

Quarter-final, Berlin: winner round-of-16 match 7 v winner round-of-16 match 8 (2000)

July 9

Semi-final, Munich: winner QF1 v winner QF2 (2000)

July 10

Semi-final Dortmund: winner QF3 v winner QF4 (2000)

July 14

Final, Berlin (2000)

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