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Lawmakers Grill Tech C.E.O.s on Capitol Riot, Getting Few Direct Answers

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — Lawmakers grilled the leaders of Facebook, Google and Twitter on Thursday about the connection between online disinformation and the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, causing Twitter’s chief executive to publicly admit for the first time that his product had played a role in the events that left five people dead. When […]

Hunting Ghost Particles Beneath the World’s Deepest Lake

[ad_1] The lake is as much as a mile deep, with some of the clearest fresh water in the world, and a czarist-era railroad conveniently skirts the southern shore. Most important, it is covered by a three-foot-thick sheet of ice in the winter: nature’s ideal platform for installing an underwater photomultiplier array. “It’s as if […]

What’s Good for the Ocean May Also Be Good for Business

[ad_1] This article is part of our new series, Currents, which examines how rapid advances in technology are transforming our lives. Marty Odlin, who grew up and lives on the Maine coast, remembers what the ocean used to be like. But now, he said, “It’s like a desert and just within my lifetime.” In the […]

How China’s Outrage Machine Kicked Up a Storm Over H&M

[ad_1] When the Swedish fast-fashion giant H&M said in September that it was ending its relationship with a Chinese supplier accused of using forced labor, a few Chinese social media accounts dedicated to the textile industry took note. But by and large, the moment passed without fanfare. Half a year later, Beijing’s online outrage machine […]

The Start-Up Enemies of Wall Street Are Booming

[ad_1] “The infrastructure has gone to a whole other level,” said CJ MacDonald, founder of Step, a debit card provider aimed at teenagers. Introduced in September, Step quickly reached one million customers, partly from endorsements from social media influencers like Charli D’Amelio. In December, Step raised $50 million in funding. The company was not looking […]

Amazon Walks a Political Tightrope in Its Union Fight

[ad_1] WASHINGTON — Amazon is aligned with the Biden administration on several fronts. It backs a $15-an-hour federal minimum wage. It has pledged to meet all the goals of the Paris climate agreement on reducing emissions. It has met with the administration to discuss how to help with the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines. But a […]

Contentious Union Vote at Amazon Heads to a Count

[ad_1] SEATTLE — By the end of Monday, thousands of yellow envelopes mailed to a squat brick building in Birmingham, Ala., will hold the fate of one of the most closely watched union elections in recent history, one that could alter the shape of the labor movement and one of America’s largest employers. The envelopes […]