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‘The Bachelor’ Matt James explains getting back together with Rachel Kirkconnell

The first Black “Bachelor” and the woman he chose to receive the final rose had a very public breakup after photos of her at an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal in 2018 surfaced and made the rounds on social media. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine, James said they are trying to […]

Why Ellen DeGeneres is living at Courteney Cox’s house

The talk show host is explaining why she’s currently living in friend Courteney Cox’s house. “I should explain. I’m not having marital troubles,” DeGeneres, who is married to actress Portia de Rossi, said as she introduced Cox as a guest on her show. “I’m not living with Courteney Cox because I’m kicked out of my […]

‘Monster’ review: Kelvin Harrison Jr. stars in an adaptation of the Walter Dean Myers book, getting a belated Netflix showcase

Adapted from the 1999 book by Walter Dean Myers, the film marks the feature debut of music video director Anthony Mandler, from a script by a trio of writers, among them Radha Blank, who made her directing debut last year with another Netflix acquisition, “The Forty-Year-Old Version.” Betraying the project’s indie-film roots, the movie’s structure […]

Victoria Beckham says Spice Girls inspired Beyoncé

During an appearance on the “Breaking Beauty” podcast the former Posh Spice said she doesn’t talk a great deal anymore about her time in the beloved girl group though she’s very aware of how influential they were. Beckham then talked about meeting Queen Bey. “I met Beyoncé a few years ago and she actually said […]

Tess Holliday hopes anorexia revelation helps others

Holliday recently went public with a diagnosis of anorexia she said she has received from a professional. Given her weight and her focus on embracing curves, Holliday told “Good Morning America” not everyone has welcomed her revelation. “I’ve had a lot of messages from folks that are anorexic that are livid and angry because they […]

Willow Smith surprised mom Jada with a Wicked Wisdom reunion

Jada Pinkett Smith appeared thrilled when her daughter reunited her with Wicked Wisdom, the nu metal band Pinkett Smith founded in 2002. The Mother’s Day episode of the weekly Facebook Watch series dropped Wednesday and featured a few heartwarming stories, including one about a group of seven siblings who were adopted after a tragic accident […]

‘The Water Man’ review: David Oyelowo’scoming-of-age directing debut comes wiith the Oprah seal of approval

The film’s centerpiece is Lonnie Chavis, who plays the younger Sterling K. Brown (one of the versions of him, anyway) on “This is Us.” Here, he’s cast as Gunner Boone, a boy whose mother (Rosario Dawson) is battling cancer and whose somewhat-distant father (Oyelowo) has come home after being stationed abroad. Alarmed to see mom’s […]

Tiffany Haddish offers up advice for those looking to break into comedy

Haddish has been open about her struggles, from being homeless to Kevin Hart loaning her money to help get back on her feet. In a recent interview with CNN the comedian turned actress gave some advice for anyone looking to break into comedy. “I would say pause, take a deep breath, write out a list […]

Kelly Osbourne and her sister don’t talk

During an appearance that ran this week on family friend Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast Osbourne revealed that she and her sister Aimée are not in contact. “We don’t talk,” Kelly said. “We’re just really different. She doesn’t understand me. I don’t understand her.” Last year Aimée Osbourne talked to radio station Q104.3 New York […]

Meet the man behind some of the best questions on Twitter

More than 45,000 people responded to a question he posted about the film that traumatized them the most as children (“Poltergeist, “Salem’s Lot,” oh and “Dumbo”). And his question about perfectly-cast film roles generated 5,000 responses, including one from someone who tapped the entire cast of “Casablanca,” another suggesting Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman and a […]