Is skull shaver the best electric head shaver?

Going bald is a trend that never goes out of fashion. From movie stars to celebrities, many long to maintain a bold & bald look. However, it is very difficult to maintain such look as hair grows quickly and the grain appears to the naked eye easily. To cope up with such problem a normal shaver is not enough as it cannot get into every curve of the head and provide uniform look. Therefore the popular brand “Skull” has introduced a unique product that can deal with hair on top of the head effectively.

Features of Skull Bald Eagle shaver

  1. The Skull shaver has five rotary blades containing ultra thin blades facilitating close shave and trimming.
  2. The “meticulous cutting system” ensures the shave is smooth and constant all the way and trimming produces even crop.
  3. Flexible heads which has unique horizontal design enables firm grip when the device is motioning on the head.
  4. The rotary heads are easily removable making the cleaning process and maintenance of the shaver an easy job.
  5. The head shaver can last up to 30 minutes with a full charge and the great benefit of the shaver is that a voltage variation from 110V-220V is accepted. The device can be charged with any voltage between these ranges without damaging the device.
  6. The design of the shaver makes it a great choice for shaving not only the head but also the face and legs as well.

Disadvantages of Skull Bald Eagle shaver

There are no striking disadvantages of the shaver; however, it takes 4-5 hours to full the battery and the battery lasts for only a period of 30 minutes.

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The skull shaver is by far the best bald look shaver available in the market. The price of the device is affordable and is available for $133.00. Moreover, there are no drawbacks making the Skull Bald Eagle shaver the best electric head shaver.

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