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Is it necessary to stretch the face while shaving?

Sometimes to obtain the best shaving experience people do a lot of weird stuff and it works. Amongst such different habits, the one that is frequent is stretching the face while using a regular blade. Even in the case of an electric shaver some people tend to replicate this habit for a better shave and fascinatingly it does give out a better result.

If a question is asked about the necessity of stretching while using an electric shaver, the answer would be a “Yes”. In case of shaving near the neck or jaw-line regions the shaver no matter how pricey and feature studded cannot do total justification. Therefore, a bit stretching would flatten the skin enabling easy clearance of the hair. It also ensures the angle of the shaving blade is at the right position to avoid any nicks or cuts.

Interestingly, most of the times people think they are stretching the skin, but actually turning their faces in awkward angles to facilitate a clean shave. The need of stretching is more prevalent when people grow old and the wrinkles are to be carefully dealt. Stretching is important for people with great number of flat lying hair. For people with hair growth in different directions, electric shaver can do justice only with stretching the face.

Braun recommends necessary stretching of the face while shaving for better results and this can be found in their instructions booklet.

Not for all

People with sensitive skin are more susceptible to inflammation if they stretch their face.

People with ingrown hairs should not practice this habit because it leads to the formation of razor bumps.

In conclusion, remember that stretching is a good habit if it is completely safe and do not cause any damage to the skin. If precautions are taken while stretching and applying the shaver, there won’t be any problems and one can get a closer shave than ever.

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