How to use an electric shaver effectively & efficiently? | Support Tips

How to use an electric shaver effectively & efficiently?

Electric shavers have no match when it comes to delivering a smooth shave within no time. However, it is to be remembered that shaving with electric shavers needs some understanding without which there are possibilities of getting inflammations, ingrown hairs, razor bumps and infections. Here are some tips to effectively use an electric shaver and providing chances for it to last longer than expected.

  1. The Manual is like the “Tablet of Commandments” for using a shaver and after buying shaver of any brand, it is quintessential to read it thoroughly. There is a lot of difference between brands and gadgets; therefore, an experienced user should also take note of the important instructions given in the booklet. The minor adjustments and guidelines will help remarkably in the long run.
  1. The ergonomic designs of electric shavers promise much, but their efficiency also depends on how well the individual holds them. The perfect angle to suit the angles of the blade should be noted by placing the blades against the skin surface gently. Along with it, the device has to be moved with the grain. It would minimize the risk of razor bumps and enables a uniform shave.
  1. Avoid the habit of shaving immediately after getting out of bed. Soothe the surface of the skin with a cleanser so that the shaver can move effectively on the surface. When going for a dry shave, make sure to completely dry the skin without moisture.
  1. Plan the shave according to the growth of the hair and its direction. Start with the difficult regions first, as shavers tend to work more effectively before getting heated up. Go along the grain and allow the blades to manoeuvre in set patterns so that nothing is left.
  1. Clean the electric shaver thoroughly after its usage. Make sure to use a brush so that the cleaning process is done softly as too much pressure or force can damage the blades. Dry out the unit completely before storing it so that infectious germs do not develop.

By following all the tips mentioned here, it becomes very simple to use electric shavers and one can attain a pleasurable shave every time for many years.

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