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How to Install Hamachi on Linux with simple steps

Today we are going to know How to Install Hamachi on our Linux, Hamachi is a software that let’s you to manage your own VPN, in other word LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN service that lets you create your own extend LAN-Like Network. For Example I always use Hamachi when I want to play a Multiplayer game with my friend or maybe doing some work like test your webserver with your friends.

Hamachi have a lot of features:

  • On-demand networking, you can crteate and manage virtual network as you need them.
  • Provide user to access from a centralized gateway, so it provides more secure access to your private network/LAN.
  • Connect all of your network clients to each other, you can quickly and easily create a simple virtual mesh network.
  • Save yourself onsite visits, Quickly and easily to install new network client by simply send end users a link to download and install the client.
  • Configure settings for individual networks.

Hamachi have a lot of great features, so let’s Install Hamachi to know more about it.

Install Hamachi on Ubuntu/Debian/Mint/Elementary

Do these following steps to install it on your Ubuntu:

  1. Before installing Hamachi you need to install the lsb dependency first by using this command:
    • $ sudo apt-get install lsb
  2. Then go to this address to download .deb package (note: download the correct version for your OS)
  3. After downloading the package, install it by:
    • $ sudo dpkg -i logmein-hamachi*.deb
  4. Don’t forget to run Hamachi service by using this command:
    • $ sudo service hamachi start
  5. Installation Completed

Install Hamachi on Redhat/Fedora/CentOS

To install Hamachi on RPM system, use these following steps:

  1. Just like on Ubuntu, you need to install the lsb dependency.
    • # yum install redhat-lsb
  2. Then download RPM packages from the link.
  3. And use the command below to install Hamachi:
    • # rpm -ivh logmein-hamachi*.rpm
  4. Start Hamachi service using Hamachi init service:
    • # /etc/init.d/logmein-hamachi start
  5. Installation Done.

Install Hamachi on Arch Linux

On Arch, Hamachi is available through the AUR package. Follow these steps to install Hamachi on Arch Linux:

  1. You need to download Hamachi AUR package first with this command:
    • $ git clone
  2. Now go to your Hamachi AUR Package directory:
    • $ cd logmein-hamachi
  3. Install Hamachi by running this command as a normal user:
    • $ makepkg -sri
      • makepkg will install your package automatically, the -s parameter will install missing dependencies, -r will remove the package dependencies after installation, and -i will install the package.
  4. Now start Hamachi Service by:
    • $ sudo systemctl start logmein-hamachi.service
  5. If you get error “You don’t have permission to control the hamachid daemon”, here is the link how to fix it.

Using Hamachi

After installation, the first thing we gonna do is turn on your Hamachi so your status will change from offline to online. Now Let’s check your Hamachi status with this command:

$ hamachi

and if your Hamachi status is offline (skip this if not), run this command:

$ hamachi login
$ hamachi set-nick yourNick

The first let you to logged in into Hamachi VPN on Hamachi and next command let you to change your nick. After logged in, check your Hamachi status again, it should be like this if it’s online.

How to Install Hamachi on Linux with simple steps
Hamachi Status

Now this is the main part of Hamachi, lets join a network. To join a network simply just run this command:

$ hamachi join NetworkID NetworkPassword
$ hamachi join NetworkID

Change the NetworkID to the name of a network you want to join and NetworkPassword to its password.

To check you are connected to a network or not, run this command:

$ hamachi list


If you see a network name and the list of client that are connected to the network, then Congratulations you are successfully install Hamachi on your Linux ! have fun with it.

Oh you also can create your own network with Hamachi Linux with this command:

$ hamachi create NetworkName NetworkPassword

Just change the bold text to what you want and if you need to know what you can do with Hamachi, you can check it with $ hamachi –help.

That’s all for my post about how to install hamachi on your Linux, Hope this post help you to install your own private VPN. If you want to ask question or you have some suggestion, just leave it on the comment box below.

In the end thanks for your visit !

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