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How necessary is it to buy top of the line electric shaver?

Electric shavers are available in the market with glittering features and various price ranges, which often confuse people whether to select a low priced one or a mid-range one or a high-end shaver. There are reviews and brand endorsements suggesting that the performance of the products increase with the money spent. How far is it true? Can’t a Braun series 3 shavers work equally well as their series 7 shavers? There are many such questions that need answering. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of high-end shavers to give a clear idea about their importance or unimportance.

Advantage over the others

  1. The motor speed of a high-end shaver is excellent throughout the battery life and mid-end shavers cannot surpass its speed. For instance, the Panasonic Arc3 ES-SL41-S has a motor that can provide only 7,600 RPM, whereas the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV81-K has a motor that provides a mind blowing 14,000 RPM.
  2. With such great motor speed, it is understandable that high-end shavers can easily remove hair from thick beard and with most of the low or mid range shavers one cannot even think of attempting such a feat.
  3.  The provision of automatic cleaning stations, hygiene indicators, LED, more number of foil blades, easily accessible rotary blades, etc., are seen in almost every high end shaver. These features along with unique brand wise features are not something that can easily be outgunned.


  1. The price difference between high-end and mid-end shavers is huge, and people with minimum shaving needs go for low or mid-range electric shavers.
  2.  Some features are exclusive to the mid-end shavers which are not seen in top priced gadgets. For instance, Braun CoolTech belonging to their mid-range series 3 models has a unique feature of reducing the temperature of the blade during a shave. This enables shaves to be less risky and there are no chances for inflammation. The feature is limited to few of series 3 products and is not seen even in the best of Braun, the Braun 790cc.


There is absolutely nothing wrong in having a mid-end or low priced electric shavers as long as an individual thinks it can do the job. However, if the expectations are high and so are the necessities it is advisable to buy from the wide range of high-end products available from major brands in the market.

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