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Homemade christmas card: spicy card

xmas card handmade
We are used to colourful and bright Xmas cards with Santas, snowmen and deers, decorated with snow flakes, sequins and glitter. But Xmas card doesn’t always have to be like this. Some people vote for simplicity and elegance and such Xmas card will definitely stand out among traditional cards. Want to try?

What you need?

  • cardboard cards
  • scissors
  • glue
  • dried leaves, branches of different sizes
  • spices – star anise, cinnamon sticks
  • bay leaf

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Cut a blank postcards from cardboard. Glue the largest dry leaf on the front of your postcard.

Glue on two smaller leaves and a star of anise on top.

Allow the glue to dry completely. The you may glue the bay leaf and cinnamon. Handmade xmas card is ready!

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