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How to make a Xmas cards

handmade Christmas cards - xmas cards handmade christmas card ideas

Christmas is coming! If you want to greet your loved ones with heart-warming handmade Xmas cards, then you better hurry up and start making them right away, while there’s still time to choose the right card idea and to buy all the materials needed for handcraft. And here are some ideas that you might use:

Handmade Xmas cards | Christmas Tree card


handmade greeting cards ideas - homemade xmas cards

Xmas cards | Materials:
White blank card and envelope
Gold wire
Assorted colored beads
Green paper
Gold paper
Silicone adhesive
Pritt stick

1. Start by carefully bending the gold wire into the shape of a Christmas tree.
2. One by one, thread the coloured beads along the wire and glue into place using a little blob of silicone adhesive.
handmade greeting cards ideas
3. Create a rough rectangle, slightly smaller than the size of the front of the card, by tearing the gold paper.
Repeat this process with the green paper, though this time so it is slightly smaller than the gold paper.
You could neatly cut out the rectangles with scissors if you wanted a more uniform look.
handmade xmas cards

4. Glue the gold paper to the front of the card using pritt stick. Then, stick the green paper on top of the gold paper again using pritt stick.
5. Attach the wire Christmas tree to the front of the card using several small blobs of silicon adhesive on the beads, add your own greeting to the inside of the card and you are done!

Handmade Xmas cards | CD Christmas Cards

homemade xmas cards

Xmas cards | Materials:
Old CDs – 2 CDs for each card
Christmas Cards or Graphics
Aleene’s Glitter Snow

Write your message on the card on your graphic.
Glue two CDs together so that their shiny sides are facing out. If your CD has both sides shiny, then use only 1 CD.
Glue your Christmas card or graphic on to the CD covering the center hole.
Put Aleene’s Glitter Snow around the edges and in various places on or near the graphic where you wish to resemble snow.
Let dry and you are done!

Handmade Xmas cards| Christmas Present Card

handmade xmas cards

Blank white card and envelope
Scrap White card
Red and Gold tinted mulberry paper
Gold wire
White pearl card
Gold glitter card
Peel-off “Happy Christmas” sticker

handmade xmas cards

1.Cut two squares of white card out of the scrap card, approximately 4 x 4cm (1.5”).
2. Cover both in red mulberry paper and seal down with glue.
3. Wrap the gold wire around the present and form into a bow at the front.

handmade xmas cards handmade xmas cards
4. Repeat this for the other present.
5. Tear, cut and stick strips of red mulberry paper, pearl card and gold glitter card together as shown in the photograph.
6. Stick the “Happy Christmas” peel off to another smaller piece of red mulberry paper.
7. Finally, stick the presents and greeting to the card using glue. Feel free to experiment with colors, it doesn’t have to be red, but I went for something festive for this project.

These are only basic ideas for Christmas craft!

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