Handmade Xmas card "Snowman" | Support Tips

Handmade Xmas card “Snowman”

handmade xmas card

Nice and easy-to-make Xmas card for your friends and relatives.

What you need?

  • card stocks: white, orange and black (heavy, textured) light blue and red (a bit thinner)
  • ribbon
  • crystals
  • glue

How to make a card?

Take light blue card stock, cut out a square that is a bit smaller then the red card stock. Glue it on the red one. Then cut out white circle for snowman’s head, black hat and orange triangle for nose. Glue them all on card as shown on picture. Glue little crystals to make eyes and smile. Take ribbon, make a bow and glue it under snowman’s head. Add thin line of red to the hat as a last touch and your card is ready!

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