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Foil or rotary electric shaver – which is a better option?

There is a great difference in opinion about the selection of electric shavers. There are two specialized categories – the traditional foil design shavers and the innovative rotary shavers. People argue about the greatness of each type and there is no clear solution for understanding which shaver is better.

The difference

  1. Method of removal – The foil shaver has a typical rectangular shape with multiple blades based on the model and these blades are enclosed in a thin foil to provide protection to the skin. They move back and forth to remove the hair. The rotary shaver either consists of two or three circular discs with blades inside. The circular motion of the blades enable smooth cutting of the hair.
  2. Contour – It is true that foil shavers find it difficult to remove hair from the neck or jaw-line region as it cannot closely follow the contours of the face. In contrast, because of the flexible pivot heads in the rotary shaver following face curves is done easily by rotary shavers.
  3. Sound – Rotary shavers because of their circular motion produce comparatively less sound than the foil shavers.
  4. Closeness – Unquestionably foil shavers are the best when it comes to closeness of a shave because they move very close to the skin, which is avoided in rotary shavers because of the thick outer layer for protection.
  5. Power – Foil shavers are powerful and don’t result in pulling of the hair. Although the rotary shavers contain powerful motors due to their basic mechanism, the power delivered is less which can result in pulling of the hair.

Which one is better?

As you have noticed in the differences, one shaver is better in one section while the other is superior in the other leaving no choice to deduce a winner. However, for coarse hair foil shavers are the best choice and for those with thick beards rotary shavers are ideal. It is to be remembered that they deliver great performance for anyone and it requires the right choice of shavers for the hair type.

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