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Elegant handmade wedding invitation

handmade wedding invitation

All you need to make this elegant and simple diy wedding invitation is a ribbon, few artificial flowers and glue.

Ideas for Cards| Materials:

  • Card stock, champagne color
  • Rose ribbon
  • Small artificial flowers (can be bought in hobby or florist shop)
  • Glue, scissors
  • White chalk
  • Thick textured paper, champagne color


Ideas for Cards| Directions:
Cut out a rectangle from thick paper. Size should be same as the front side of the card stock.
Wrap the ribbon around the rectangle and tie a bow. Add a bit of glue to make it stick.
Smear 3 small flowers with a bit of glue and put them under the bow.
Take chalk and draw 2 wedding rings in the upper left corner as shown on the photo.

diy wedding ideas

Glue the rectangle to the front side of the card stock.
Your diy wedding invitation is ready!

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