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Electric shaver vs. the razor: The duel

Most men spend time for taking care of their hair, be it grooming, shaving, plucking or shampooing and tending to hair is a part of daily routine. Modern men prefer to have a clean look to create an impression in the society and for that shaving daily or regularly is essential. However, there is a dilemma about selecting the best product to get the desired results and this has led to a debate between the greatness of razors and electric shavers. They go neck and neck in this comparison and let’s elicit the winner after they battle it out.


Razors are disposable after two or three shaves and are easy to maintain because there is no complication in design. On the contrary electric shavers take some time to clean, but they last for 3 years or more if maintained properly. Some electric shavers like the Braun 790cc can provide effective shaving for almost 7 years.


Electric shavers can go up to $500 and even more based on the features they contain. A razor can cost $15, but cannot be used after few shaves. The electric shavers on an average can last up to 3 years and needs replacements every year that cost $30 or more. So they make quite a dent in the wallet, whereas razors are cost efficient.


Razors are most convenient while traveling as electric shavers need to be charged and it can be difficult to find charging ports whenever necessary. For indoor shaving, electric shaver is appropriate as some come with charging docks and easy to clean mechanisms.

The shave

There is no doubt that razors provide the best close shavings; however, the individual is prone to cuts and bleeds with the blade. Electric shavers cannot produce the same results as the razor but they do avoid the problems of nicks and cuts.


Electric shavers of high-end can produce close enough shaves without the problems developed through the use of a razor. So, electric shavers are the best choice to make while it is advisable to take razors during a journey to avoid charging hassles.

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