Electric shaver vs. Razor – Advantages & Disadvantages

The conflict between electric shavers and razors in unending as people debate over each one’s superiority based on personal experience rather than giving a Universal conclusion. It is almost impossible to determine the best out of the two as although they are meant for the same function, their other features differ vastly. Therefore, it is optimal to know about the advantages and disadvantages of them so that the choice is left to the reader to decide the best one.

Advantages of electric shavers

  1. The comfort levels are high and the shaver is more convenient to use because of the flexible heads which are capable of dealing with difficult areas of the face.
  2. Many of the electric shavers are capable of dealing with wet and dry shaving without having the need of additional preparation.
  3. Shaving problems such as irritation, inflammation, ingrown hairs, razor bumps, etc. are minimized with the use of electric shavers.
  4. The time taken for completing a neat shave is predominantly low and the powerful motors ensure great results.

Disadvantages of electric shavers

  1. Due to the market demand some cheap shavers are manufactured which are not good for shaving and can harm or irritate the skin.
  2. The noise generated by the electric shavers is not tolerated by many people.
  3. The money that needs to be spent on buying an electric shaver is very high and for those desiring various features; the purchase is going to be quite expensive.

Advantages of razors

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  1. Razors are still the best when it comes to providing closest of shaves.
  2. They can be easily maintained and disposable blades can be thrown away after use because razors cost very less.
  3. The adaptability to a razor is very easy and a beginner can immediately start the use of razor without any hassles.
  4. While travelling razors occupy less space and are ideal for carrying along.

Disadvantages of razors

  1. Razors lack in safety and people are prone to cuts and bleeding.
  2. For sensitive skin, razor can cause inflammation, razor burns, etc.
  3. It takes time to get a clean shave with razors; moreover, the preparation time is also more which eats up valuable minutes in a busy day’s schedule.

As you can notice, there is a lot of difference between the two and where one lacks the other provides. It is up to the reader to make the right choice according to the need as both electric shavers and razors do their job effectively.

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