DIY wedding invitation

diy wedding invitation

Wedding organization is an expensive adventure. There are so many expenses for the basic things, such as dress, premises, food & drinks etc., which can blow your budget. It would be wise to save up on some things and diy wedding invitation is among those things. Make it with your own hands! Thus you’ll not only save cash, you’ll also show your friends and relatives how much work you’ve put into this event and how much you care about them.


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  • Jute twine
  • Ivory textured paper
  • Taupe paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Color printer


The most important part is to find the right paper. It should be pearl or ivory, paper should be thick and very textured, like the one shown on the photo. The other paper, taupe or chocolate brown, should be a bit thinner and with very light texture.
First cut rectangles of ivory paper and a square of taupe paper that is ½ of the size of the ivory part of the card.
Print your names on the ivory paper (letter in brown color) and the text of invitation on the taupe paper (letter in white color).
Now glue both paper together using the double-sided tape. Taupe square should be right in the middle of the ivory rectangle.
Fold the card 2 sides of ivory sheet of paper.
Use jute ribbon to tie the card.

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