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Difference between clipper and trimmer & Tips to buy a trimmer

The variation between a trimmer and a clipper is not known to a lot of people around the world and it is not their fault for the false apprehension because both the devices are categorized under hair removal equipment. However, there are some differences in functionality and usage between the two which are mentioned here.

  1. Clippers have larger blade size and length enabling to cut long hair.

Trimmers come with thinner blade size and length facilitating the use at the chin or neck area.

  1. Clippers are often used for cutting the hair and most of them don’t have the capacity to cut closely. They pave way for easy working of the trimmer.

Trimmer with big attachment can only do the work of a clipper.

  1. Trimmers are efficient in dealing with small hair and can be used to complete finer details while taking care of the hair.

Clippers, because of their big blade size cannot cut as close as trimmers.

Although these are minor differences, they play a vital role when an individual is looking for the perfect hair style. While most clippers perform the same function, trimmers have various features and needs to be sorted out.

Tips to buy an efficient trimmer

There are many trimmers available in the market and it is very easy to get confused while selecting one for the requirement. Here are some tips that can help to choose the best ones of the lot.

  • Hypoallergenic blade – The trimmer must contain a blade that assuredly giver irritation free experience. Blades made of stainless steel or Titanium has less impact or pressure on skin so that there is little chance for inflammation.


  • Vacuum system – Trimmers with vacuum system will suck the hair that is cut from the trimmer so that there is no possible accumulation of stubble between the blades. This gives hassle free trimming and a brilliant experience.


  • Wet & dry compatibility – Trimmers with only dry adaption makes it difficult for people who are in a hurry and are wet in shower. Therefore, having a trimmer which supports both dry and wet trimming is ideal.


  • Comb – A single attached comb with adjustable length settings is preferable rather than different combs that need to be placed over the trimmer. Furthermore, some products come with all the accessories needed to complete trimming and such products are good for buying.

The features mentioned above will decrease the hassles of an individual while trimming and they are the characteristics one needs to keep in mind when buying a trimmer.

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