Alien Arena – Free Shooter Games for Linux

Alien Arena is a free first person shooter games similar to Quake, Unreal Tournament and Doom Developed by COR Entertaiment in 2004. This game is a combination 1950s with sci-fi atmosphere.  You can play Alien Arena with your Friends by LAN or by the Internet with other players, if you think you don’t have enough skill yet, you can play matches with bots.

The Game Content is proprietary but CRX engine is open source. Alien Arena features an Internal server browser for finding other players online, and an external browser called Galaxy program to finding other players without having launch the game. This game also serve as an IRC client, so you can chat with other players as well. Physics on this game is similar to Quake II but its modified. Most of the Trickjumps will work in Alien Arena.

How to Install Alien Arena

Let’s find out how to install Alien Arena on Debian based System by following these commands:

Run this command to download the source.

$ sudo apt-get build-dep alien-arena

Also, if you have an error maybe its because you need to install some dependencies.

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$ sudo apt-get install libode-dev

Then compile the source to install the game.

$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install


Alien Arena - Free Shooter Games for Linux
Gameplay 1
Alien Arena - Free Shooter Games for Linux
Gameplay 2

Gameplay Videos

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