A review of Wahl 8110 5-star series professional balding clipper

Wahl is renowned for their clippers which produce the closest of shaves. In recent years, their technology is improving unbelievably and innovative products like the Wahl 8110 are being released into the market.  The U.S based company has manufactured many products over the years, but the 8110 is powerful enough to deliver a clean balding over and over again.


  • V5000 magnetic motor is considered to clip through hair with twice the pace as other clippers.
  • The single cut clipper with 6×0 surgical blades is most appropriate for obtaining a bald look.
  • There is the facility of adjusting the lengths of clipping in two ways – 1/16 inches & 3/16 inches.
  • The product comes with pre-shave brush, comb, oil, and a cleaning brush.

Barber’s best friend

A professional barber would absolutely love to possess this Wahl product because it is efficient, quiet and reliable. The V5000 motor of the Wahl 8110 produces the best shave in a less amount of time. The length settings enable great results according to the wish of the customer and any professional barber would love the thought of a perfect customer experience. Furthermore, the device is easy to maintain with all the tools provided in the package itself.


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Although there are no serious problems associated with Wahl 8110, there are certain limitations such as:

  • The blade is super sharp and if an inexperienced person tries to handle it improperly, it can cut through the skin easily.
  • It can only be used while plugged-in.


The control one can get through this clipper is really amazing and the results speak for the efficiency of the Wahl 8110. Fascinatingly, the gadget is available for an affordable price of $ 50.99 in eBay. So, for that clean, bald look you don’t have to go to a saloon if there is an 8110 in your house and any of the family members or friends can help out to achieve the desired look.

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