How to make Xmas card using buttons

handmade xmas card idea

Spend a great evening toghether with your kids, making these simple Xmas greetings cards. All you need is buttons, card stocks, coloured paper and a bit of imagination!

How to make a card?

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What I really love about this Xmas card idea is that you can use it simply as a guideline or as a basis to create your own exclusive handmade card. Here are few options to concider:

  • Take 3 white buttons of different sizes, black and orange coloured paper, glue them on a light blue card stock and create a funny snowman.
  • Take green buttons (4 larger and 4 smaller), one little red button, rose card stock and a tiny piece of red ribbon to create an Xmas wreath.
  • Take 3 small red buttons, cut out 2 leaves from green paper, glue them on a light green card stock and here you have an Xmas card with a bunch of ash. If it looks too simple for you, then add small pieces of cottonwool as snow flakes.

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