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10 improper habits that’ll kill shaver foil life sooner than expected

Healthy maintenance of the shaver can bring great life expectancy to the product, whereas neglecting the gadget will result in either damage or malfunction. Therefore, it is quintessential to take care of the shaver so that the blades or foil are always in good condition. The following habits are not suggestible while using a shaver and are to be avoided, which ensures great foil life.

  1. Overheating – If the electric shaver is used for longer periods the friction between the blades or metals will cause overheating of the device.

Solution: Giving rest to the shaver and applying a drop of oil for lubricating.


  1. Pressure – Foils are very delicate as they are composed of thin perforated metal; therefore while shaving the pressure has to be equal so that the tension can be absorbed. Too much pressure will damage the foil’s performance in two or three shaves.

Solution: The shaver performs as it is designed to perform with or without additional pressure, so gentle use of the device is the best way to go.


  1. Tapping – Some people tap the shaver as if they intend to break it and remove the accumulated hair, while shaving or cleaning. This habit can easily break the honeycomb grid of the foil.

Solution: Clean the razor using brushes and other tools.


  1. Heavy beard – Few shavers only are capable of running through thick beards and forcing a foil into one will result in damage of the device.

Solution: Use a trimmer or scissors to reduce the density of the beard.


  1. After cleaning – Frequently after the cleaning process is complete, people reassemble their shaver without allowing the foil and other parts to dry. This reduces the sharpness of the blades and the moisture can reduce the performance of the shaver.

Solution: Completely dry the shaver and keep it on a dry towel to clear out traces of moisture.


  1. Cutter foil – The foil shouldn’t be improperly handled or cleaned with shabby clothes or broken brushes because the dust or bristles can get into the device.

Solution: Cleaning spray removes any residue inside the cutter foil and keeps it new.


  1. The manual – People ignore what’s on the shaver manual, which is doom for the device as many mistakes would come and chances of mishandling the device is very high.

Solution: Read the instructions and follow the manual before using a shaver.


  1. Protective cap – While storing the shaver or travelling distances if the protective cap is not on, inevitably a small jerk or accident can damage the foil. This would result in replacement of either the foil or the whole device.

Solution: When the shaver is not in use, keep the protective cap on.


  1. Time factor – The busy nature of man makes him ignore or provide time to clean the shaver. If cleaning is not done for 3-4 shaves the sharpness of the blades will decline.

Solution: Schedule cleaning time according to the frequency of the use of shaver.

  1. Kids – Shavers are seen by kids as toys and this can do harm to the product as well as to the kids playing with it.

Solution: Keep shavers beyond the reach of children.

By following the solutions furnished above and avoiding the ill habits, one can extend the life of the foil and can utilize the foil for maximum period of time.

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