Review of ToiletTree fogless shower mirror with squeegee

While in a shower everything appears hazy because of the fog generated due to hot water in the closed room. One can imagine the hardships of people who are willing to shave or touch up while in the shower and cannot look at their reflection in the mirror. In such cases the mirror has to be wiped every minute to complete the shaving or touch up process. Fortunately, there is an alternative for this difficulty and it is known as ‘fogless shower mirror’. There are many brands that manufacture these mirrors but ToiletTree is considered the best in the business. In this review let us learn whether the brand deserves such high praise or differs from public opinion.


  • The mirror comes with a lifetime guarantee to work without formation of fog when used properly. For that, hot water needs to be poured at the back of the product so that equilibrium in temperature is achieved while it is placed in the shower.
  • The water poured can be easily wiped off with an in-built squeegee. Moreover, the reservoir is placed at the back for convenient filling and cleaning.
  • The mirror is made of high-quality acrylic making it nearly shatterproof. It is detachable & adjustable to suit the needs of different people and enabling easy filling of water.
  • Fogless shower mirror comes with a shelf to hold bathroom tools such as shaving cream, soap, and toothpaste. In addition, the whole unit can be placed anywhere with the help of silicone gel attachment which can be removed easily. It fixes firmly to the wall without ever damaging the tiles.

How to use the mirror?

The mirror can be placed anywhere in the bathroom with the help of silicone adhesive. After attaching the unit, the mirror is to be removed so that water can be filled in the reservoir. When the reservoir is full with warm water mirror can be replaced in its original position. Fogless shower mirror is easy to clean because of the squeegee and one can clean the reservoir after the work is done or wipe the mirror to keep it clean from dust or spilled water.

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ToiletTree fogless shower mirror is an absolute beauty to purchase without any drawbacks and with almost zero maintenance needed. In addition, the price of the mirror is just $39.95 which is a great value for the money spent on the unit. So, for a hassle free shower environment there is nothing that can beat this mirror in the market and it should be first choice for anyone.

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