Dictonary.com has several meaning for the word vulnerable, but when it comes to the computer world a the meaning of a vulnerability is no different.  To define a vulnerability simply means a computer network or application is open to attack. There is an existing weakness whether it is in the computer its self of procedures that a not ridged enough to prevent an attack.

Vulnerabilities are what information security and information assurance professionals seek to reduce. Cutting down vulnerabilities provides fewer options for malicious users to gain access to secure information.

Computer users and network personnel can protect computer systems from vulnerabilities by keeping software security patches up to date. These patches can remedy flaws or security holes that were found in the initial release. Computer and network personnel should also stay informed about current vulnerabilities in the software they use and seek out ways to protect against them.

Most companies notably Microsoft participate in ensuring there applications are patched regularly to reduce the impact of vulnerability.

There are various types of vulnerabilities within applications and Network. In both instance engineers and business analysts perform penetration tests along with a vulnerability assessment in order to correct or patch any loopholes.



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