Vivaldi - 'New Web Browser for our Friends' 1

Vivaldi is a new browser that has been launched as a tech preview (beta whout responsibility) for 64 bit Linux Machines, Windows and Mac OS. Vivaldi browser aim for a fast, rich in functionality, high flexible and put the user first. Vivaldi is build on the tried and tested open source frameworks of Chromium, Blink and Google’s open-source V8 JavaScript Engine.

Vivaldi Features

  • Quick Commands: This features will allow you to quickly search from a various settings, history, open tabs, bookmarks, and more just with a single keyboard shortcut. Vivaldi Dev team, also aim to make Quick Command meny highly customisable.
  • Build on Web Technology: Vivaldi browser has a powerful features, one of the things that make Vivaldi is a unique browser is that the browser is built on modern Web technologies. Vivaldi use JavaScript to create the user interface with a help from Node.js.
  • Tab Stacks: Tab Stacks can organized you messy unorganized tabs, with this feature it will be easier to find the tab you are looking for. This will lets you group multiple tab under a single tab, just drag a tab over another tab for easy grouping.
  • Speed Dials: This features allows you to access all of your favourite websites easily from one place. You can also create a multi speed dial groups, such as group your sites on interests like News, Tech, and Sports.
  • Notes: Vivaldi browser allows you to take notes while browsing, and add screenshot to it. Also you can add tags, to easly organize and find them later.

Install Vivaldi Browser

Are you interested to try this amazing browser ? If yes, Vivaldi is available for Download. To download you can click the link below :

Download Vivaldi Browser


Vivaldi -  'New Web Browser for our Friends' 1
Vivaldi – ‘New Web Browser for our Friends’ 1
Vivaldi -  'New Web Browser for our Friends'
Vivaldi – ‘New Web Browser for our Friends’

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